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Willow Path

Willow Path is a paved walkway lined with trees that leads from campus to a main street. It is one of those locations that is gorgeous in all seasons. The trees look beautiful with their green leaves in spring and summer, shades of brown leaves in fall, and their snow-covered branches in the winter. Willow Path also has significant meaning for organizations on campus and for Colgate University students in general. One sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, ceremoniously requires its new members to “run to the little blue house” — their house on the main street, via Willow Path on Bid Day. In addition, it is said that if you a couple has their first kiss on this bridge that they will get married.



On my campus there is a lake — Taylor Lake. Trees line the lake and in the perfect lighting you can see the reflections of the trees on the water. Here is an example. I thought that this was gorgeous. I must have snapped 20 pictures of these two trees and their reflections alone. I think that this was the best cropped because it really focuses in on the reflections, whereas the other ones included too many irrelevant objects. Notice that the day was overcast.

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A View toward Campus

When I leave my house in the morning and walk across the street toward campus, this is what I see. It is gorgeous. This picture was taken on a bright day at around noon. You can see Willow Path, which is lined with trees, Taylor Lake off to the right, and “the hill” where the academic buildings are located, in the distance. I am so lucky that I get to see this every morning. As with the previous two photos, no adjustments have been made to this photo, except that I cropped it.