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The Final Move

I have finally set up my website and have moved the contents from my wordpress.com to wordpress.org. You can check out my latest photographs here:


I just posted a great Autumn photo of Colgate University today. Enjoy!



On my campus there is a lake — Taylor Lake. Trees line the lake and in the perfect lighting you can see the reflections of the trees on the water. Here is an example. I thought that this was gorgeous. I must have snapped 20 pictures of these two trees and their reflections alone. I think that this was the best cropped because it really focuses in on the reflections, whereas the other ones included too many irrelevant objects. Notice that the day was overcast.

Feedback is welcome as always.

Findings on a Park Bench

I actually visited this location because this particular bench overlooks a very scenic view of the lower part of campus. However, once I arrived there, this cigar that was laying on the bench intrigued me. Once again, I was fascinated by the detail of the photo, which is my primary reason for sharing it. I was not sure the most appropriate way of cropping the photo. I wanted to include both the shadow and emphasize the perspective. In your opinion, did I accomplish that?

Changing leaves and berries

As I was walking home from class today, I saw this bush. The colors intrigued me so naturally, I had to take some pictures of it. I am not sure what kind of tree it is. Does anyone know?

Peruvian Lilies

My sorority received a bouquet congratulating us on a successful recruitment of new members. These are two flowers from that bouquet.

Peruvian Lilies